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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do We Get Up to the Top Floor?

You can take the elevators up to the 14th floor between the hours of 730 AM - 5 PM. If you are unable to get into the lobby, call us at (780) 832-0826.

Once you are a gym member, you will receive a fob which will allow you to enter the lobby and access the elevators during gym hours.

Can You Work Around Injuries?

Yes! Our personal trainers are highly capable of working around injuries as well as aid in your recovery process.

Do you offer a trial membership?

Yes, your first class is always free. In fact, you can try out every class we offer for free!

Is this CrossFit?

Nope! We are a functional fitness gym in Grande Prairie.

Our workouts start out with a strength component (weight lifting) followed by a cardio component that can include HIIT (high insensitivity interval training), circuits, or Tabata. 

There are other gyms in Grande Prairie that offer CrossFit so feel free to check them out or try our classes - first class is always free!

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